Thanks for getting in touch! While I do my best to read to all inquiries, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond to your message. Nevertheless, I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me and I will respond if I can.

Spam warning

In the short time that this site has been live, I have received a considerable amount of spam that I suspect is automated. As such, I added background reCaptcha validation to this form to minimise the amount of bot-written junk I receive. However, some spam still gets through - that means there are humans reading this.

I am politely asking that you respect my inbox and keep your unsolicited advertising away. This is a simple request.

If you send me any kind of spam after this, you have demonstrated that you do not have the basic human decency to respect my wishes or my privacy, and you have lost the privilege for me to respect yours. I will block your email address and report you to your email provider. I will also begin to maintain a public blacklist of spammers, so that others may do the same. You will lose all credibility, and you will be publicly shamed for it.

This does not apply to legitimate businesses who are offering something genuine to me specifically, nor to individuals who are interested in my services.

Dear SEO marketing teams

While I don't necessarily consider receiving legitimate offers for SEO services to be spam, I am not interested in your services at this time. I understand that you are just doing your job, but hopefully you can do it more efficiently by going to others who are more receptive to your services.

Do not contact me about SEO services. If you do, while I will not publicly blacklist your address, you will - however - be blocked.